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Traveling is Easier and More Exciting with Wangoworld

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Traveling is no longer just for sightseeing and taking pictures of famous places such as the Burj Khalifa or the Eiffel Tower, it’s far more than that. It has become more about experiencing local cultures, music, food and art in whatever part of the world you find yourself – Getting to know the city and area that you’re visiting as intimately as possible has become the key take-away when you visit a new place on vacation or even for business.

As a frequent traveler, who visits different cities in several countries, it can be a daunting task trying to discover the local events and other popular things to do when you find yourself in a different city of the world or even a different part of town. I’m sure many frequent travelers will agree with me on this. The layover between flights, or the 8-hour breaks between meetings that you’d rather not spend cooped up in your hotel room or the airport. Your options are limited in terms of quickly discovering what to do, where to go, what events are happening around or even simply finding out the nearest exciting venue around. In the past, I would have to get my phone out and start searching through numerous apps and websites. Knowing how much information – relevant and non-relevant – can be returned in a search of “events near me” can drive anyone crazy. Traveling with a teenage daughter who wants to go see a music band play/concert and two 3-year old’s who would rather visit a games park where they can run around, or a wife that’d rather go to a comedy club – it can be a daunting task finding the right events and places for everyone.

Wangoworld - places Then along came the Wangoworld App The Wangoworld app aims to bring your city or area closer to you. Available in all countries of the world, the Wangoworld app has mapped all the cities of the world, which means you can find events and happenings around your current location or any city, buy event tickets, discover local shopping deals and even find points of interest. It’s not limited to the United States; it can be used anywhere in the world for discovery. I can easily select a calendar range, and it tells me everything going on in a city on those days, and I can save them to my favorites for when I get there. I don’t have to worry about easily finding the nearest ATM, gas station, etc. when I find myself in a different area. As a person who frequently travels, being able to save places I have visited for when next I come around, really helps me a lot. The Wangoworld app has so many cool features – I can look up events by venue or artist, and even create my own private event and invite my friends.

Getting to explore and discover the best bars, restaurants, places and events around you is an essential part of traveling, and knowing that with the Wangoworld app, I can find local events and happenings around me, gives me a unique sense of comfort. I can find concerts, buy tickets on Wangoworld, and attend them with my daughter, easily discover children’s parks and other places of interest around me, and find local shopping deals for everyone. I can easily find places to relax around me when I travel. Wangoworld really does make life easier, they said – I believe them. It has become an indispensable app for me.

The Wangoworld app is available for FREE on the Google play and Apple app store. Download the app from Apple Market or Google Play Store. Visit to learn more.

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