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Wangoworld is the place to go when you need to discover upcoming local events or new adventures near you. Wangoworld presents you with relevant information on various events and fun things to do. You can view events by time – today, tomorrow, this weekend, this week and more.From happy hours, concerts, children’s events to conferences, parties and more – we’ve got you covered on Wangoworld.

With the Wangoworld app, you can create and manage your own events, send invitations to friends or share on social media. Wangoworld also give you information on the latest and hottest shopping deals in your city and around you. It helps you find places of interest around you, and gives you navigation instructions for getting there. For those times when you need to locate the nearest ATM, restaurant, hospital, etc., Wangoworld will give you that information at the click of a button. When you find yourself in a new area, city or country and need to locate places or events, Wangoworld is the go to place for everything local, nearby and more . Wangoworld covers the entire world, and is the universal app that you should always have with you. Wangoworld – Bringing your city even closer..

The Wangoworld Apps are available for download on the Google Play store and Apple App Store.


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