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100 ways to save on your next vacation

GIRLCAMERAYou work hard every day for months at a time. Taking a vacation is the perfect way to revitalize yourself, enjoy seeing new places, spend some time with your family and more.  Vacations, however, can be expensive.  Instead of draining your finances on your next vacation, use the following 100 tips and tricks to help save you money on your next vacation.

Wangoworld, our find events app, can help your find some of the best events and things to do in your area.  Utilizing an app to find events near you can help you save money while identifying the nearest events and places so that you can save on travel expenses also help.

  1. Attend Local Events

Instead of going out of town on your next vacation, try scouting out some events near you.  When you spend most of your time working, you may not realize how much is going on in your city that you may be missing out on.  Attending local events can both save you money and help you to get to know your city better. Utilizing an events app such as Wangoworld can help you find local events near you easily.  Perform an event search on the app to find just the right event for you.

  1. Plan Your Own Event

Plan an event for your next vacation.  A family reunion of large barbeque for family and friends may be a great inexpensive way to spend your next vacation.

  1. Try A Sports Event

Several sporting events offer tickets at reasonable prices.  Consider planning your next vacation around your alma mater’s big football game or other sporting event.  Several sites are available for finding tickets, such as Wangoworld, Ticketmaster, Ticketnetwork.

  1. Attend A Music Event

Seeing one of your favorite groups in concert is a memorable way to spend a vacation that does not have to cost that much.  Wangoworld, the best app for finding local events, can help you locate upcoming concerts.  Use our app and try ‘concerts near me’ to find a music events near you.

  1. Attend A Music Festival

Although they have been around since the days of Woodstock, music festivals have recently seen a resurgence in popularity.  These events are held outdoors and allow attendees to enjoy music all day from a wide variety of different artists for a small admission fee.

  1. Attend Free Events

Whether you travel or stay at home on your next vacation, you should be able to find some fun things to do that do not cost you money.  For example, use Wangoworld app to easily locate Houston free events and Austin free events.  Simply type in ‘events Houston’ and see the events search results.

  1. COSTCO Sells Discount Tickets to Several Theme Parks

This discount store offers reduced price tickets to a wide variety of theme parks and water parks.

  1. Buy Ski Lift Tickets in Advance

Most ski resorts sell ticket online which can be purchased in advance.  These tickets tens to cost substantially less than the tickets that can be purchased at the resort.

  1. Take A Trip To New York

Seeing the Big Apple can be both an enjoyable and affordable experience. You can find so many inexpensive things to do in New York.  Schedule a vacation in nyc today.

  1. Check Out Local Festivals

In addition to music festivals, there are a number of other types of local festivals.  Search the app for local festivals this weekend to find what festivals are being offered in your area.

  1. Realize You Are Entitled to a VAT Tax Refund

When you return through customs, you are entitled to a refund of a portion of the taxes that you paid on items purchased in certain countries.  Make sure to inquire about your VAT tax refund.

  1. A Travel Agent Can Find You a Good Deal

Use a travel agent when possible, they usually have great deals and discounts that you might not be able to find online. Travel agents can also advise you on the best days to travel to save on local transportation in cities

  1. Go to The Tourism Office

Most vacation destinations have a tourism office which can guide visitors when search for places to visit as well as get them good deals.

  1. Choose the Destination with The Cheapest Flight

Have fun looking for cheap destinations to save some money.  Use our app to find events in the world.

  1. Try These Destinations Where You Can Get by on $30 A Day: Thailand, Bali, Greece, Budapest, Central America
  1. Negotiate for Reduced Rates

There are several things for which you can negotiate for reduced rates.

  1. Take A Road Trip

Try taking a road trip and staying in inexpensive motels for your next vacation.

  1. Try Telecommuting

If your job allows telecommuting a few days a year, this is a good option to try on vacation so that you can still get paid while traveling to a new destination.

  1. Use Wangoworld, Living Social, Groupon to Find Daily Deals
  1. Use Your ID for Discounts

Student IDs , military IDs, AAA may get you a discount on a lot of things while you are on vacation.

  1. Don’t Buy Souvenirs

Photos are more memorable than souvenirs anyway.

  1. Join AARP

This can get you discounts on a wide variety of things during your vacation.

  1. Ask People

Ask locals about the best free and low cost events in your city.  Use Wangoworld best event app to find events in local area.  This will allow you to enjoy the low-cost events in your city.

  1. Group Discounts

Get some friend to go along and get a group discount.

  1. Bring Your Own Drinks on Cruises and Other Vacation Adventures
  1. Try Camping
  1. Take a Day Trip

There may be several vacation spots within a couple of hours of you that do not require you to spend money on lodging.  For mini vacations, simply type in ‘events in my area this weekend’ to find the best events for your weekend vacation.

  1. Consider Travel Grants

Many people may not be aware that there are travel grants out there that are available for those who are traveling for school, business, or professional reasons.

  1. Combine a Business Trip with A Vacation

This will save you on airfare and other expenses.

  1. Bring Your Own DVD Player and DVDs to Avoid Renting Movies from The Hotel
  1. Avoid Tourist Traps

Some destinations are very ‘touristy’ and very expensive. To save money, pick a locale which does not simply cater to tourists.


Fund Your Vacation

Find creative ways to fund your vacation so that you have some extra money to spend.

  1. Take on a Side Job
  1. Have a Garage Sale
  1. Avoid Eating Out for Three Months Before You Vacation
  1. Make a Budget When planning For Vacation And figure Out What expenses can be Alleviated.
  1. Rent Out You House While Your Away
  1. Drive for Uber for a Month or Two

Making Reservations

There are some great ways to save when making reservations.

  1. Check Search Engines Outside of the US

If you are planning to travel abroad, do not simply stick to US Based search engines to find the best deals. Some outside search engines you may want to try include and

  1. When Planning to Travel Abroad, You the Local Website to Make Reservations While Avoiding Currency Fluctuation.
  1. Bundle Your Reservations

Booking the hotel, rental car, and theme park together in a bundle can get you a substantial discount.

Save on Airfare

  1. Buy Single Airline Tickets

To get the cheapest rate on airline tickets, look for single seats.  Searching for two seats together can cause you to miss the best deals.

  1. Try Hidden Route Tickets

Buying plane tickets which do not specify connections, or hidden route tickets, can help save you some money.

  1. Do Not Buy Plane Ticket Too Soon

You may consider purchasing your plane tickets as soon as you start planning your vacation and select your destination.  This may be several months in advance of the actual flight date.  Plane ticket prices fluctuate according to how booked the flight is, however, airlines may not be able to accurately gauge how book the flight will be until close to the flight date.  Purchasing tickets too far in advance could cause you to pay more.  It is a good idea to wait until four to six weeks before a flight to purchase domestic flight tickets and six to eight weeks if flying abroad.

  1. Save On Checked Bag Fees

Many airlines offer credit cards one of the pecks of which is that baggage fees are waved when booking a flight with the card.

  1. Don’t Travel on Peak Days

Consider traveling during less popular vacation times to save money.

  1. Save Money on Flights with Low Cost Airlines

JetBlue, Spirit and other low cost carriers in the US offer reasonably discounted rates.  Low cost carriers in other countries tend to offer substantially discounted rates.

  1. Check Out Round Trip Tickets

You may save money buying a round trip ticket for a one-way flight depending on the airline’s pricing.

  1. Fly in To the Cheapest Airport Near your Destination
  1. Don’t Wait for The Weekend

Plane tickets tend to be cheaper if you fly midweek.

  1. Sign Up for Fare Alerts
  1. Take the Red Eye

Night flights can save you some money.

  1. Consider Taking the Night Train to Your Destination as Well.
  1. Visit Inexpensive Destinations

Some locations require you to spend less money upon arrival than others.

  1. Pack Strategically to Avoid Extra Baggage Fees.
  1. Use A Travel Rewards Credit Card

Some credit cards offer travel rewards which can save you money during your vacation.  Check out Chase Sapphire Card or Bank of America Travel Rewards card.

  1. Try Home Exchange

If you want to save money on lodging when visiting a foreign country, you can swap houses with someone in that country with the help of some app.

Getting Around

When on vacation, getting around can get expensive.  Here are a few cost saving tips to make getting around more affordable while on vacation.

  1. Try Ridesharing
  1. Rent a Bike

Enjoy the scenery when you ride a bike around vacation spots, and get your exercise in as well!

  1. Walk and Enjoy the Sites
  1. Use Public Transportation

Renting a car can be expensive and so can taking cabs, use public transportation and ride sharing apps and platforms.

  1. Hitchhike

Many areas of the US as well as many other countries have low crime rates, so you can safely hitchhike. Know the environment to determine how safe it is to hitchhike.

  1. Rent a Car Cheaper

Find a car rental place with excess cars.  They may offer a free upgrade or other deals.

  1. Avoid Cabs

Cabs are often an expensive way to travel, especially for foreigners who have no way of knowing whether the cabbie is taking the best route. Rent a car over taking a cab.

  1. Look for Cheaper Gas

If you rent a car, a gas station near the airport is not the way to go.  Look for a cheaper gas station a little farther away from the airport.

Renting A Car

When on vacation, renting a car is often the most convenient way to travel. There are ways to save money on rental car expenses.

  1. Rent A Car at The Cheapest Price

Since rental car rates are constantly changing, keep checking the prices so that you can reserve your car on the cheapest day.

  1. Save On Car Rental Insurance

Be sure to check your current car insurance policy before paying for the rental car insurance.  The car rental insurance that your already have should cover any damage that may occurs to a rental.

  1. Use a Discount Code

Rental car discount codes can help save you money when you are renting your next car.  Search for discount codes online as well as in hotels and more.

  1. Use a Competing Quote

Bring a quote form a competing car rental place with you can help reduce the price of your rental car.

  1. Rent the Smallest Car Possible to Save Money
  1. Fill Up the Tank Yourself


Lodging can be an expensive part of traveling.  Follow these tips to save money on lodging on your next vacation.

  1. Call Local Number to Hotels

Calling the local number to reserve a hotel room instead of the 800 number may get you a cheaper rate.

  1. Stay in A Hostel

A significant number of nice safe hostels exist across Europe and even some in the United States.

  1. Stay in An Airbnb

Airbnb and private rooms in an apartment can offer great cost savings.  In addition, there is someone there to guide you to the best upcoming local events in your area.

  1. Try Couch Surfing

Couchsurfing offers you a way to stay in the home of someone in your destination for free.

  1. Stay on a Friend or Family Member’s Couch

Why not visit an old friend or family member for your next vacation?  You can catch up on old times and get a free place to stay.  Be sure to check Wangoworld’s event list for calendar of events for a list of events in area.

  1. Stay A Little Farther Away from Your Destination

Staying a few miles away from your destination can save you money.  This is especially true with popular vacation spots.

  1. Try A Vacation Home

This may be a less expensive option than a hotel.

  1. Stay in A Tiny House

Tiny houses are popping up these days and many of them are available for rent in prime vacation spots.

  1. Use Your Rewards Points


Traveling, especially travelling abroad, can impact your cellphone bill more than you planned.  Roaming fees may be accrued when ion a different location that you reside.  Here are some tips to save money cellphone bill while traveling.

  1. Buy a Local SIM Card
  1. Disable Your Data Roaming
  1. Use Free Wi-Fi

Whenever possible, use free Wi-Fi to reduce your data consumption. Airports, hotels, and coffee shops often offer free Wi-Fi.

  1. Rent A Phone

Did you know that you could rent a phone to travel abroad and avoid huge roaming fees?  Check out Cellhire USA and Cellular Abroad for phone rental plans.


Restaurants can also be an expensive part of traveling.  There are several ways that you can save money on meals when traveling.

  1. Prepare Your Own Meals

Utilize local supermarkets and cook the food yourself.

  1. Inexpensive Local Eateries

Instead of dining at fancy restaurants, try inexpensive local eating establishments to save money while enjoying the culture of the locale.

  1. Bring Your Own Plane Food

Airplane food can be expensive.  Save money by packing your own food in your carryon luggage.

  1. Avoid Restaurants in Tourist Areas

These restaurants are often super-expensive.  Traveling just a short distance away can help to reduce prices.

  1. Continental Breakfast

If your hotel offers a free continental breakfast buffet, take enough for lunch as well.

  1. Try Street Vendors

Street vendors offer great local food and reasonable prices.  So, skip the restaurants and go for a taste of the city.

  1. Get Gift Certificates from
  1. Pack Snacks To avoid Spending Too Much on Food

Cruises and Other Excursions

You may want to take a cruise for your next vacation.  You may not have to save up for as long as you think to go on this type of vacation.

  1. Don’t Book a Cruise More Than a Month in Advance

Did you know that the price of cruises and similar types of vacations may decrease when you get closer to the date of the cruise?  This is especially true with cruises during non-peak times.  The reason for the price decrease is to ensure that the

At Your Destination

When you get to your destination you may be looking for extra ways to save money.  Here are some good ways to save money why checking out fun and inexpensive local events.  Use Wangoworld app to find events as a local event finder to find local events.

93.  Clip Coupons, Local newspapers often contain coupons so you can get discounts on local events.  

94.  Use Rail Passes In Europe, use rail passes to travel from country to country on a budget.

Avoid Hefty ATM Fees

Although not considered to be one of the primary expenses of a vacation, ATM fees can add up and cut back on the cash you have to enjoy your trip.

95.  Take More CashFigure out how much cash you are going to need in advance and take a larger sum from the ATM machine to reduce the number of times you need to use the ATM. 

96.  Use Your Credit CardUsing your credit card allows you to avoid walking around with cash, reduce ATM fees, and get the best exchange rates.

Discount Finder Apps

User other apps in combination with Wangoworld app to fin local events to help you find good deals and save money.

  1. Find the Cheapest Ridesharing Service

Uber may not be offering the cheapest rides in town in the location that you visit.  There are apps out there that compare ride sharing fares in your area which can be used in combination with Wangoworld to save you money.

  1. Check Twitter for Daily Travel Deals
  1. Happy Hour Finder is a good app to find happy hours in your vicinity. This app along with Wangoworld are apps for events near you which help you find events in the local area.
  1. Wangoworld, LivingSocial, Groupon, etc. gives you travel and vacation deals along with other local deals. Use this deal finder app in combination with Wangoworld find local events app.


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